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Team ER/Hudson jeans win the 2012 BullRun rally! First consecutive victory ever!

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By seth
5 years ago
(1) comments
Remember when a BMW M6 driver smashed his own car with a sledgehammer because he claimed BMW refused to fix its rough driving and shifting problems? He restored the car and smashed it again.

The man in question is Italy-based businessman Pourmohseni Hadi, who claims he leased a 2008 BMW M6 for 120,000 Euro ($160,000). He spent the past few years trying to get BMW to fix his alleged problems of vibrations, rattles, jolts, and bad shifts.

Man Who Sledgehammered His BMW M6 Has To Return It In Good Condition. It turns out that there can be some hidden consequences when you destroy your own car with a sledgehammer and an axe. For instance, sometimes you…

Hadi, fed up, famously smashed his M6 in protest in front of the Frandkfurt Motor Show last year. He said if BMW didn't help him out, he would restore his car (as BMW made clear he would have to) and smash the car up again.

As CarScoops reports, that's exactly what he did. He restored his BMW and beat the living crap out of it in front of the recent Geneva Motor Show.

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