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Bullrun 2014 Gallery 07/14/2014

Myself Seth Rose Tony King 2 Time Back to Back Bullrun Champions declared that we would defend our title in 2014 to block anyone from having a chance at the same Well it was simply a traditional Bullrun ruse Although our vehicle was set to go we were not due to prior commitmentsThankfully only 12 the previous years team won and Bullrun also shared the 1st Place with 2 Teams So our record prevails. May Exotics Rally member came out to show their love and support for Bullrun, as well as a few took advantage of the 1 day offering. My dear friend Ice T showed up with his Bullrun support as always a great time!
Insignia Exotic Car Show June 20 2014 07/14/2014

On June 20 2014 more than 150 Exotic, Luxury, and Sports cars converged on Insignia Steakhouse Smithtown NY to display their cars It was a HUGE success weather was absolutely phenomenalAside from the cars and weather Insignia Blackstone are always the best hosts with the best steaks on Long Islands Special thanks to the Scotto Brothers
Battle of the Beasts April 21 2013 05/20/2013

A huge high HP group of cars all gathered and tore up the Pocono Tricky Triangle for an amazing day of racing Many photographers captured the day here is a small taste of what was taken Many more to come.... These are by the infamous Derek Walker.
SuperBowl Sunday Stretch March 3, 2013 03/11/2013

A nice group of Exotics Rally members gathered at Exotic Classics in Syosset NY and had a spirited cruise to NSSA Commack NY to present a donation to the School for Autistic Children and arrange the cars in their parking lot for a static car show
SuperBowl Sunday Stretch March 3, 2013 03/11/2013

A nice group of Exotics Rally members gathered at Exotic Classics in Syosset NY and had a spirited cruise to NSSA Commack NY to present a donation to the School for Autistic Children and arrange the cars in their parking lot for a static car show
Winter Recess Run Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011 02/22/2011

ABout 50 cars came out for a quick run on Sunday morning 22011 They all weathered the wind and the chill to gather at BJ's in Freeport NY We then took a quick cruise out east to eventually end at Captree State Park That lasted about 20 minutes as it was even colder Some of us carried on to breakfast at the Cheescake Factory All in all a great time and great to meet new people and bring out the cars even though the weather has not yet warmed up.

Here are some pictures taken by Karan of 9KPhotography thanks for the great photos

Pocono Track Day October 12, 2010 10/15/2010

Exotics Rally leased the Pocono Race Track for a full day Even with the slight threat of rain all participants crossed their fingers and made the trek to the Poconos We were very thrilled to find out that the bad weather passed through at night and the day was filled with very mild weather and plenty of sunshine.

Bentley Motors also contributed as a sponsor and brought 2 Bentley SuperSports for all to drive and enjoy on the track as well.

We were fortunate to run the FULL NASCAR Tri-Oval for the first half of the day and then the 25 mile long course with the infield after lunch It was then decided to switch back to the oval which was enjoyed the most out of the day.

All in all it was fabulous Great People Great Cars Great Food Great Weather JUST GREAT Thank you to all who participated and stay tuned for next years Pocono Track Day which will be on a weekend to draw more of a crowd!

Summer Exotix Run 2010 08/29/2010

On August 22 2010 Exotics Rally held the 4th Annual Summer Exotix Run Rally for Charity

In the past years this event has been a huge success in bringing the best and rarest exotic cars together in one large group often exceeding 150 cars to rally together for a great cause.

Unfortunately with pending rain in the forecast it scared many people but the few who braved the weary outlook made out like bandits.

We ended the rally at the Pocono Raceway for parade laps which quickly turned into a minitrack day for about 2 hours of high speed track time & Food was enjoyed by all.

Spring Sprint 2010 05/20/2010

SPRING SPRINT Rally for Charity 2010

May 16 2010 Exotics Rally's 3rd Annual Spring Sprint Rally for Charity, this year's Charity will be AUTISM SPEAKS

The Rally began with a complimentary breakfast at Formula One MotorSports 4030 Sunrise Highway Oakdale NY 11769

We then departed for a BULLRUN Style 115 Mile tour of Long Island followed by a partyevent at Formula One Motorsports with DucatiRedBull We enjoyed a HUGE BBQ Style Lunch Plenty of RedBull Italian Ices and a sexy Bikini Car WashThere were a few surprises along the way including 1st Place prizes of a brand new TomTom GPS system for both 1st place winners and Gift Cards to LINK NYC for the 2nd place winnersOverall it was an exciting long day with very few hiccups and perfect weather.

We are looking forward to the Summer Exotix Run and many more events in between

Special Thanks to Webb Bland for these incredible pictyures which are not fully edited yet, there are plenty more to come and he is available for private photo shoots, please inquire at his website.

Exotics Rally 1st Run of 2010 Triple White Photo Shoot 03/15/2010

March 7 2010 Exotics Rally took advantage of the amazing weather we were having by organizing an informal run to Captree State Park. Here is where the entire NY Metro area congregates every Sunday morning from 6am - 11am. Flooding the parking lots are Exotics Imports European and of course Muscle Cars of all ages.

Exotics Rally was in FULL strength with approximately 80 cars including Lmaborghini Diablo 60 Gallardo's Ferrari's Vipers Porsche Maserati Audi R8 GTR's and many more beautiful cars all rolled together as one.

There we enjoyed each others company and checked out everyone's rides. I arranged a photo shoot with C3 Photography for my 3 white knights.

2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera (1 of 9)

2009 Nissan GTR

2008 Mitusubishi EVO X MR

Enjoy the pictures

Lamborghini Giro 2009 01/18/2010

I (Seth) had the opportunity to tour Utah Idaho and Wyoming for 4 Days with company of 27 other Lamborghinis. It was one of the best trips I ever experienced. The accommodations, scenery and roads were second to none. I only wish they would do a Giro on the East Coast so I can save a few bucks. Very expensive 4 day trip but in the end met some great people, drove some great cars and spent some time making the wife cry at crazy speed.
The Gold Coast Extravaganza 11/20/2009

The inaugural Gold Coast Extravaganza Presented by Exotics Rally & Detailing Dynamics. From race cars to hypercars, ER takes over Glen Cove, NY. Where else could you hear the phrase "Which Enzo do you mean?"
SoBe Getaway Weekend 11/20/2009

A bunch of the ER crew shipped their cars to sunny Florida, where we shut down a runway in an attempt to see who could cross the 200 mph mark.
Turkey Run '08 11/20/2009

The 2nd anual Turkey Run for Charity, raising money for a great cause.
Summer Exotics Run '08 11/20/2009

Another very successful Summer Exotics Run. Hundreds of cars hauling the mail down to NJMP.
Runway Event 11/20/2009

Empty runway. A dozen or so rather interesting cars. What would you do?
NYU Childrens Hospital Run 11/20/2009

Brightening the day of some very deserving youngsters.
No Snow, Lets Go 11/20/2009

The roads are clear, the sun is shining, and we're on our way to... a road block.
First Run of '08 11/20/2009

The snow finally recedes, and the ER crew heads for brunch at a rather historic site.
Turkey Run '07 11/20/2009

Over a hundred examples of some of the most amazing cars on the road teamed up for a very worthy cause.